Simplicity Illinois is an organization built to lift up the independent advisories of our Partners.

Our Partners are made up of the industry’s premier advisors who specialize in insurance planning.

We are actively creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem where our Partners have access to each other and to professionals in related advisory fields.  The end result is a network of elite advisors that have the access and support they need to help their clients and prosper more than they ever could have alone.

Our Partners have gone through a thorough vetting process and meet certain on-going expectations related to communication, collaboration, and accountability. Any prospective Partner goes through that same process. It is important that we build a community of dedicated professionals.

Partners are truly independent and embrace an enterprising and progressive spirit. Simplicity Illinois offers an unparalleled support team at our headquarters which lets them retain their independence so they can stay focused on their clients, knowing that their back-office needs are being handled by experienced professionals. Many of our Partners consider us an extension of their business.